• Sal's Swim Camp

    Whether you are a complete novice in open water or on the brink of the greatest challenge of your life across the Straits of Dover; or are contemplating other open water swims in preparation for a Channel swim, we intend to make your week both informative and fun with the help and advice of knowledgeable and successful marathon swimmers. The objectives of the week’s course are not only to improve your stroke technique, fitness and endurance, but also to introduce you to the enjoyment and fun of open water swimming – unhindered by lane ropes, ‘gutters’ and slower swimmers!! And, of course, to appreciate our wonderful, local ocean waters!

    Course fees to include: Goodie bag (if you pay for more than 2 days); at least 3 pool session (in the full week) including stroke analysis; Country and coastal walks; Sea swims – very important and exciting (but weather dependent); DVD & discussion sessions when possible; Transport to swim venues PLUS surprise memento/keepsake to remind you of your ‘Sal’s Swim-Rite Swim Camp’!

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